Defending a Title


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

The Pirates may not have a large number of track and field athletes, but what they lack in size, they make up for in quality.  “We have our state champ in the javelin, Jenilee Keener, coming back to defend her title,” explained coach Kayce Fluckey.

As a sophomore, Keener was excellent in the javelin. Not only did she take state, but she dominated the competition. She won with a throw of 117′ 7.5″, and the next closest throw was more than 10 feet short of her mark.

To put it in perspective, her throw finished in the top 15 of the entire state last year. There were other underclassmen that passed 100′ last year, so Keener will have some competition. But going into the season, she is the clear front runner.

Fluckey, along with Jake Mecham, will be manning the ship as the Pirates look to add numbers to their crew. “Jake and I are trying to get kids excited about track,” Fluckey added. “Hopefully, we’ll have several kids out.”

While the duo has a great first mate in Keener, they hope to assemble a larger crew before the ship sets sail.

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