Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower or Space Junk?


Photo submitted by Tyson Chappell

Was this a meteor shower or space junk?

Meteor showers happen when Earth crosses the orbital path of a comet. Small pieces of dust and debris are the remnants of the comet, and they light up the sky when they enter and burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Space debris or “junk” is the collection of defunct man-made objects in space – old satellites, spent rocket stages, and fragments from disintegration, erosion, and collisions – including those caused by debris itself.

Either the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower or something called “space junk” gave Castle Country a show Wednesday Night.

This is just a warm-up act, however, for one of the main meteor showers of the year; the Perseids, which peak August 11, 12, and 13, and are known as the best summer meteor shower, with 50 or more meteors per hour.

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Video courtesy of Heather Mills

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