Deputies Awarded at Commission Meeting


At the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, Rose Barnes and Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood presented the employee of the month award.

This month was a particularly special award because it was granted to officers Mike Hreinson and Travis Henry. Along with the award, they were given special recognition due to their hard work on an incident that took place on September 23.

On Wood Hill in Price that day, there was a suicidal female standing at a 50 foot drop off. The deputies made their way toward the female and Hreinson spoke to her. At first, the female was reluctant, but Hreinson continued a dialogue and made it to where she was standing. He was able to make his way within 20 ft. of the subject as she paced the cliff edge, then took a seated position near the cliff. Deputy Hreinson was successful in pulling her back from the edge with no resistance from her. At the subject’s request, the deputy remained on the scene while she was treated by EMT’s.

“These deputies routinely deal with difficult situations day in and day out. It’s a part of their job; but this is going above and beyond because a life was saved,” said sheriff Wood.

Both men briefly spoke and said their thanks to the community and commissioners. “I’m glad that we were able to help her,” said deputy Henry.

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