Desert Thunder Raceway Revs Up


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Shane Weybright paid a visit to the Carbon County Commissioners on Wednesday evening to give them a presentation on Desert Thunder Raceway.

He began by thanking them all for their time and stated that the support the raceway had last year was awesome. Weybright said everything that was accomplished was made possible by the help of many. He said that he has not heard anything negative and has received feedback from people from 11 different states, with a record number of car counts last year in the middle of a pandemic.

“We made it better for a lot of people,” stated Weybright, who is the President of the Desert Thunder Foundation, a nonprofit 501c3. Continuing the presentation, he remarked that there were 150 cars in the Castle Country Clash, which was a three-day race in September and the grand finale of the year.

Weybright stated that they have opened a lot of doors through social media as many people are watching and taking notice. There are individuals jumping on board from Las Vegas, California, Canada and more.

This year, Weybright is aiming to set some records. There are 27 races on the schedule and some of them will be quite large. He spoke briefly on the upcoming events before informing the commissioners that they also conducted a pit expansion last year, which was very helpful at the Clash.

Weybright also pointed out that when the races come to town, it truly benefits the economic development of the community as the racers and their families pack the area. He said that they come to see the area and experience rural Utah. He then announced that there have been important people within the National Hot Rod Association reach out to him in regard to a drag strip.

Following this, Jennifer Greener then spoke with the commissioners, giving a brief breakdown on marketing and numbers within the raceway. The commissioners thanked Weybright and Greener, with Commissioner Tony Martines stating that the raceway is going to continue to be a good thing for the community.

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