Desert Wave Pool Bubble Removal Commences, Signaling Summer is on Its Way


Photo by Layne Miller

A considerable number of the community gathered at the Price Desert Wave Pool on Monday morning for a happy occasion: removing the bubble from the outdoor pool.

This event is conducted each year to prepare for warmer weather and summertime swimming opportunities. Tamara Gray, aquatic supervisor, expressed the urgency to remove the bubble quickly on Monday as there was an impending storm on the horizon.

Thankfully, as always, those in the area stepped up and were eager to assist in any way. Members of the USU Eastern softball and baseball teams joined Price City employees to complete the task. While it was a large task, it was handled with precision.

Gray was pleased and made sure to praise those that had worked on the project. Now, the pool is ready for the heat to attract all varieties of swimmers for the spring and summer season.

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