Develop a New Talent With Quilting 101


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By Pat Scherschel

Have you ever seen a beautiful quilt and thought “I would like to learn how to do that”? Well, here is your chance. The Castle Country Quilters are starting a Quilting 101 class. The objective of this organization is to learn, develop and encourage quilting skills.

We meet the third Thursday of the month at the Wellington City Hall (at the backside) at 10 a.m. Our group is open to everyone; all ages are welcome. The class will start Jan. 16 at 10 a.m. You will be a guest at your first meeting, and then dues will be $15 per year. Come join our happy group and learn the art of quilting. Frustrated artists without talent (like me) will find this a good outlet for you.

For more information, what to bring, etc., please call either Lorna at (435) 637-5836 or Linda at (435) 637-3534 (home) and (435) 650-9662 (cell). We hope to see you Thursday, Jan. 16 at 10 a.m. at the Wellington City Hall.

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