Dinner to Raise Funds for a Friend in Need


A fundraising dinner for Jeffery Eskelsen will take place on Oct. 11 from 5-7 p.m at Wellington City Room and Gym.

Eskelsen was born in Salt Lake City in 1954. He is a graduate of USU Eastern and was a member of the Wilberg mine rescue team in 1984. Eskelsen was previously employed at Omega Transworld Inc., Coca Cola and Frito Lay before he became ill on April 1, 2013. Now, he is waiting for a liver transplant.

Due to complications from Hepatitis C, the wait has been long and almost fatal. Eskelsen has successfully recovered from his battle with Hepatitis C but now faces another battle with kidney failure and diabetes. He is taking numerous medications daily and is currently connected to a feeding tube. He is also using three different inhalers and is on oxygen. His loving wife has devoted her life to helping her husband recover from this illness. The fundraising dinner was organized to assist Eskelsen with the numerous medical bills and travel expenses that have accumulated over this past year.

Nicky Vogrinec, who is friends with Eskelsen’s wife, organized the event and a website to gather donations. “His loving wife and one of my dear friends has devoted her life to helping her husband recover from this illness,” Vogrinec explained. “Please help this family get back on the track to a long and happy life together.”

Soup or salad with a roll will be served at the fundraising event. Cost is $5 for those 12 and older, and $3 for those 11 and younger. There will also be a bake sale to purchase treats. Those who cannot make it to the dinner, but would still like to donate, can visit the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/ey19eg

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