Dino Dynamics Kick Off Competitions in Style


The long wait for drill competitions is over as the Dino Dynamics participated in the Bountiful Invitational over the weekend.

“We are really excited about the Bountiful Invitational. It was our first competition for the shortened season, and we placed really well,” said head coach Nicole Bennett.

Although spectator numbers were down due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dino fans showed their support and made up for their lack in size. “Carbon fans had their own section and filled it up with the best fans,” commented Bennett. “They were so loud!”

In the final results, the Dynamics finished first in the auxiliary hip hop category. Then, out of eight teams in the state qualifiers, they placed second in the new show category and fourth in military and dance. Overall, Carbon took third at the Bountiful Invitational.

The Dynamics will continue their schedule this weekend in Roy.

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