Dino Track and Field Ready to Make Noise


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

There are a lot of pieces in place on Carbon’s track and field team, including a boys’ distance group that won a state cross country title in the fall. “I have to give our distance group a lot of credit,” said head coach Jimmy Jewkes. “They could have said, ‘oh we have our state title, we are done.’ Instead, they waited two days [after winning the title] and went back to running.”

Jewkes was quick to mention that the Dinos will need more than just a solid distance group. “Everyone thinks that because the cross country team won a state title we are going to be really good. The fact is it’s just one group.” Jewkes was unable to mask his excitement as he added, “With that being said, this is probably the most complete guys team I have had in 14 years.”

Carson Frame and Ryker Childs are returning for the Dinos while Jaylon Dennis has started the young season well. “Dennis has come out on fire,” said Jewkes.

He continued, “The freshman that have come out will be able to compete right away. You have all these combinations of people that you have, that can help you out. And you take that and complement it with the distance runners. I have high expectations for our boys’ team. I just don’t know if we are going to slowly progress or really take off.”

While the Lady Dinos lost graduating seniors, they are hopeful to remain competitive. “We lost some athletes on the girls’ side but there is some young talent coming in,” Jewkes said. “It’s going to be a younger team than in years past.”

A few returning Lady Dinos are Makenna Blanc, Grace Broadbear, Emma Christensen and Eminie Elliot. There are also several freshman girls that have come out and looked good. “We might have some growing pains but we could be good with both teams. I wouldn’t sleep on us,” said Jewkes.

“A lot of these kids were on cross country or swim and have seen success. Once you have success, you want more,” Jewkes said. “They are working hard and pushing each other. Usually, as a coach, you have to get after them to get more, but I’m just trying to stay out of their way. It’s a lot of fun to watch.”

“My personal goal is to win the region title in both (boys and girls).” Jewkes concluded, “I really think we might have the depth to have something special. I think it’s going to be a really good year.”

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