Dinos’ Class of 2021 on the Rise *Photo Gallery*


Family and friends gathered at the Carbon High School (CHS) football field on Thursday morning to celebrate this year’s graduating class of seniors.

After Principal Chris Winfree welcomed everyone in attendance, the senior class president, Gabriella Christensen, spoke to the group about the senior’s time together. She was followed by Kaylie Sharp (Salutatorian), who spoke on overcoming adversity, which tied into this year’s theme, “We Will Rise.”

Next up, Hunter Heath (Salutatorian) and Merrick Morgan (Salutatorian) paid tribute to the teachers and parents, respectively. They spoke on all those who have supported the senior class and helped them achieve their goals. The Valedictorian, Madalyn Johnson, spoke exclusively on the theme, and was the last student to address the crowd. Finally, Mika Salas wrapped up the messages, applauding the seniors on their hard work.

It was mentioned that the names of those who graduated last year were on the backs of the seniors’ chairs. The school wanted to honor those that were unable to experience a proper graduation last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The class of 2021 was then announced one by one as individuals stepped up to the stage to accept their diplomas. Winfree closed the ceremony by congratulating the senior class on its many accomplishments. Congratulations to the Dino Class of 2021!

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