Dinos Edge Out Orem


ETV News Stock Photo by Jamie Swank

Carbon had a difficult duel on Wednesday when Orem came to town. The Tigers came ready to rock as they took the first four matches. However, Carbon held its ground and started to battle back.

Colin Fausett won the 144 bout, pinning his opponent in just 1:40. That kickstarted the Dinos as the wins started to pile up. Victor Huitt (165) won by pin in 1:32 followed by Jonathon Jewkes (175), who won by pin in the final minute.

Vaylan Unsworth (190) continued the roll with a win by pin in 190. He was the fastest Dino of the night to pin an opponent, ending the match in just 1:17. In addition, Douglas Newman (215) and Gavin Fausett (157) each won by forfeit. In the end, Carbon emerged victorious 42-40.

Up next, Carbon will head to North Sevier this weekend.

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