Dionysius Dancers Entertain at Greek Festival


One of the main attractions of the annual Greek Festival is the performance of the traditional Greek dancers who visit.

The Dionysius Dancers have been performing at the festival for over 15 years. Price is just one stop on a tour that takes the group to festivals and elementary schools alike throughout Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

Most members of the group have been together for about four years, but the individuals began performing and learning traditional Greek dances as children.

Everything on the outfits group members wear has significance to Greece. The colors blue and white are the Greek national colors, and the coins on the outfits represent the dowry the women had to pay once upon a time.

All the dances weave tales of courtship, fishing, war or other traditional tales.

Group director Antigone Kithas said, “My favorite dance would be ‘Kotsari’, which is an ancient war dance performed on the eve of battle, because we are most well-known for the dance and it is an exciting dance.”

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