Disabled Author Hosts Exclusive SRJH Assembly


Author Richard Paul Evans visited San Rafael Junior High School on Thursday where he spoke to students about his new book “Michael Vey.”

Evans spoke about the main character’s neurological disorder Tourette syndrome and other parts of the book. The main character, Michael, was named after Evans’ son. Both Evans and his son have Tourette syndrome.

After talking about the book and answering questions, Evans brought out his friend Doug Osmond to help the group play a quiz game.

Osmond picked 10 students who had read the book to participate.

Evans later signed copies of the book for those in attendance.

“Michael Vey” is just one book in a series of seven. The next in the series, “Rise of the Eldgen,” was due out in August of 2012.

Evans said he wrote “Michael Vey” in just four months, and nobody knew he was writing it until he was finished.

The assembly was the first before the book was released worldwide.

SRJH, Canyon View Junior High School and Emery High School students attended the event.

A recording of the assembly will be broadcast on ETV Channel 10.

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