Discussion Arises Concerning the 2024 Carbon County Tax Roll


On June 3, a meet the candidates night for the Carbon County Assessor race on the Republican ticket was hosted, with current Assessor Gillan Bishop in participation.

During this event, it was stated that Bishop had indicated that he had lowered the commercial values performed by LIXY Valuations, an assessment consultant company by $400,000,000. This was a statement that caused concern for some, including Commissioner Larry Jensen, who questioned over email how errors could be so far off, if there were any.

Commissioner Jensen questioned if all involved were satisfied in the 2024 tax roll, which was closed recently. He also expressed appreciation to all that has helped the county, stating that the citizens deserve a fair tax roll.

Keven Ewell, who was hired by the county to assist when errors were discovered previously, stated that the values were lowered in commercial by LIXY upon review, as well as specific parcels reviewed by Bishop and sent back to LIXY for review. Bishop stated that it was the analysis he had shared with everyone. His team had highlighted and set up where changes most likely needed to be done, which LIXY reviewed to change or not change.

“We pushed back on all of them but got 153 parcels change that totaled over 420 million in value drop,” Bishop informed the commissioners. “That was a good thing done by my office and it was done because we were ready the minute they gave it to us.”

Jake Parkinson of LIXY joined the discussion, stating that Bishop did inform LIXY during the final hours of some parcels that needed a second look and that were indeed lowered significantly. Parkinson also stated that he believed that the tax roll is likely the most accurate and equitable roll ever submitted by Carbon County.

Commissioner Jensen expressed appreciation for the responses and stated that, as one of three elected officials responsible for what occurs in the county, he took the previous problems that arose within the Assessor’s Office very seriously. He said that the property owners by statute deserve a fair and equitable tax roll.

“I am happy to spend whatever time is necessary to make the needed corrections, but we will follow the process and deadlines this year,” Commissioner Jensen stated.

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