Distracted Driving Causes Wreck at Intersection in Price


A 40-year-old woman, allegedly changing sunglasses, ran a red light in a Chevrolet HHR Thursday at the intersection of 100 North and Carbon Avenue in Price, hitting a Dodge Durango.

According to Price City Police Department Sgt. Tracy Allred, the driver was going 30 miles per hour and ran the red light when the accidentВ occurred.

The air bags in the HHR were deployed and the woman was taken to Castleview Hospital and was assumed released as no serious injuries were reported.


The woman was cited for a red light violation. Speed was not a factor in the accident.

A 54-year-old woman and a 41-year-old passenger were in the Durango.

After the accident, Sgt. Allred said,” The Police would like to remind you to focus on driving.”


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