Distraught Citizen Urges for Change on Old Wellington Road


Tia Pappas, daughter of Angelo and Brenda Pappas of Wellington, visited the Wellington City Council during its Wednesday evening meeting with a special request pertaining to an ongoing concern.

Pappas resides in Chicago but has been able to visit home for some time now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She visited the council to make the official request for assistance from the city to help decrease the average speed of drivers down Old Wellington Road and onto Center Street.

Pappas remarked that her family dog was struck the previous evening and sustained a broken hip. She stated that the dog is quite old and will likely not survive from the accident. Pappas said that her dog is one of many animals of her lifetime of living here that have been struck due to drivers going far too fast on the road.

Pappas informed the council that this has been a persistent worry in their household, as well as other residents in the area, from a very young age.

She stressed the wish of this issue being handled more diligently before it is a child that resides in the area that is struck and possibly fatally injured. She also said that she knows that she is not the only resident in the area that has requested assistance with this issue.

“If they want to go 60 miles an hour, they can go get on Highway 6,” Pappas stated.

Mayor Paula Noyes stated that Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley had discussed this issue with her prior to the meeting and they had spoke about a few things that may be able to help. Chief Bradley reached out to Custom Signs, which sent a quote and the price was discussed with Mayor Noyes.

This sign would be a solar-powered sign that would also be backed up by a battery and will have the speed limit posted with a flashing light. The cost of the sign is $3,500, and Chief Bradley stated that he believes they have hopefully found a way to make that happen, though a few things will have to be ironed out.

Chief Bradley remarked that is it likely 95% locals that have resided in the area forever that have gotten complacent and speed down the road without realizing. He also assured that they will have increased law enforcement presence on the road and will continue to work to combat the issue.

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