Distribution Network Upgrades to Cause Power Outage to Northern Emery County


Huntington, Lawrence, Cleveland and Elmo will be without power Sunday morning due to a scheduled outage that will allow Rocky Mountain Power to improve their distribution network in the area.

The power interruption is scheduled to begin at 6 a.m., and could last until noon. The outage will affect 1,842 customers. Rock Mountain Power notified those customers by mail on Monday.

“We don’t like to have interruptions of power to our customers at any time, but there are simply some times that there is no other choice to ensure the safety of our workers and the public,” said Rocky Mountain Power Spokesperson Margaret Oler.

Oler explained that customers should expect that once the power goes out, it will be out until the work is completed. She suggested several tips to help locals prepare for the outage:

  • Keep refrigerators and freezers closed
  • Stock up on food that requires minimal preparation
  • Make sure that you have a flashlight and extra batteries
  • Turn lights off and unplug appliances to minimize the demands on the system as it comes back online
  • Leave one light on so you can tell when the power comes back on

For more tips on how to prepare for an outage, visit www.rockymountainpower.net.

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