Documentary Addresses Utah’s Opioid Epidemic


Utah Public Radio traveled from Logan to Moab and Price last week to present a documentary produced by Jenny Mackenzie called “Dying in Vein: The Opiate Generation.” This documentary followed the lives of two young opioid users to show what life is like in the eyes of an addict. The film also featured a family that had experienced the loss of their loved one from an opioid overdose.

After the film screening, spectators were welcome to ask questions to a panel of well-known community members. These members included Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood, Four Corners Community Behavioral Health Substance Use Prevention Coordinator Tiffany Van Sickle, Tiffany Bloomer, LCSW, Dr. Cameron S. Williams and Maddy, one of the recovered addicts in the documentary.

Locals asked the panel questions and offered suggestions such as ideas on how to help addicts in Carbon County, laws against drugs and much more.

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