Donate to the Families that Lost Their Homes in Weekend Fire


Photo Courtesy of the PCPD

Following the loss of multiple homes in Price, which occurred over the Fourth of July weekend, the community has begun to rally together in support.

“We want to give our condolences to those who have lost lifetimes of memories and possessions,” the Price City Police Department had shared at the time of the incident.

The fire was caused due to an out-of-date barbecuer that was unable to contain embers. With the large amount of destruction, the homeowners are now facing many expenses. The Price City Fire Department shared that a total of four structures were damaged in the incident, with three families being displaced from their homes.

The families were directed to Red Cross for assistance, and the community has been asked to donate if they are able to. One family has a GoFundMe account, while the other families have shared their Venmo information.

The accounts for donations are as follows:

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