Donations and a Challenge From the Emery High Class of 1978


By Julie Johansen

Those from the Emery High Class of 1978 recently celebrated their 40-year class reunion in a big and generous way.

They were excited that their reunion was the same day as the homecoming football game, so it began with a tailgate party. Shawnee Barnes, class chairman, organized the events, which included a silent auction. Another classmate works for Hoyt and Easton and they donated an expensive bow and arrows, which they decided to auction.

With the funds from these activities, Josh White, a teacher and student council advisor at Emery High, was contacted. He suggested the funds go toward replacing the “E” on the hill along Highway 29 as it has deteriorated and needs an upgrade.

The Class of 1978 readily accepted but went even farther. Class members donated another $2,000 and this time, the decision was made to help individual students. The money will be put into a fund to help with the costs of concurrent enrollment classes and fees for taking AP tests. This will allow students who are reluctant to take these classes because of the expense to have these opportunities.

The Class of ’78 would like to challenge other alumni classes to join the effort and find new ways to donate to these causes.

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