Donations Being Accepted for Reparations at Gentry Mountain Mine


Photo courtesy of the ECSO

The Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) shared on Wednesday that they are calling for community support for the Gentry Mountain Mine following the devastating flash flood that took place on Aug. 1.

“The amount of damage sustained is hard to explain unless you have seen it firsthand,” stated the ECSO.

Crews are slated to perform cleanup for several weeks before repairs can begin. The repairs must be completed before the mine can resume production. The ECSO shared that Gentry Mountain Mine employs a great number of people from the area, totaling 125 employees, and is vital to the local economy.

“Many families have been impacted by this event,” said the ECSO.

Donations will be accepted by the ECSO, including food, snacks and drinks consisting of Gatorade, soda, granola bars, trail mix, cookies, candy bars, Pop-Tarts, Cliff bars, jerky, sandwich supplies, chips, and other grab and go snacks.

The ECSO is asking that donations are limited to commercially prepared/packaged items only and not homemade goods. The sheriff’s office will then deliver these items to the mine.

The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office shared that they are happy to assist with the donation collection and will accept items from 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday, Aug. 5 and Friday, Aug. 6. Donations can be brought to 164 North 200 West in Price. It was also stated that the sheriff’s office cannot accept any cash donations at this time.

“We know our communities are full of people who step up in times of disaster,” said the ECSO. “We still remember and appreciate all of the donations during other disasters and wildland fires in our area.”

Donations may be taken to the Emery County Sheriff’s Office at any time as they are open 24/7. Those that have donations to deliver can press the silver button inside the double doors for assistance. Donations should not be attempted to be taken directly to the mine.

“Thank you in advance for any donations you can provide,” concluded the ECSO.

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