Driver’s Quick Reaction May Have Saved Self, Others


The quick reaction of the driver of a Ford F-350 may have turned what could have been a tragic accident into a simple incident of property damage Monday at the 100 East intersection of Ridge Road.

Three cars were damaged in the accident when the driver of a white Ford Explorer, crossing the intersection, allegedly pulled into the path of the eastbound F-350. The impact spun the Explorer around, which caused it to impact a red Ford F-150 that was at the opposite junction waiting to cross.

None of the passengers were harmed.

According to Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Parkins, the results were “a best-case scenario” in such an accident because the man driving the F-350 was able to quickly decrease his speed.

“Luckily, he was able to react to it,” said Parkins. “There is quite a bit of skid that was left there. My estimate was about a 20 mph impact.”

Law enforcement officers from the UHP, Carbon County Sheriff’s Department and Wellington Police Department responded to the wreck at 3:24 p.m.

The driver of the F-350 was the only passenger in the truck, as was the driver of the F-150. The Explorer carried a driver and a young child.

Parkins reported that, in her statement, the female driver of the Explorer claimed that an abandoned truck that was parked on the corner near the stop sign blocked her view.

“Because of the abandoned vehicle, she felt that there was a possible sight obstruction,” Parkins said.

The abandoned vehicle was impounded and removed.

Parkins encouraged drivers faced with a similar situation to use caution.

“You always have to proceed with due caution,” Parkins said. “Even though there was a sight obstruction there, the best case scenario would be to inch your way out to get a clear view of any traffic that was coming, and then proceed at that point.”

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