Drivers Survive Heat, Dust at Heritage Days Lawn Mower Races


By Julie Johansen

Five daring men souped up their lawn mowers for a race on Saturday at the track in Huntington during Heritage Days. On the blistering day, 25 laps around the track was too much for one driver as his machine over-heated and the caution flag was waved to the other drivers.

A stop in the pit couldn’t revive the machine, so only four finished the race. On the final lap, one rider attempted some wheelies and ended up with a smoking machine.

The reward for the race was the feeling of survival from the dust and heat. Following the lawn mower races, little drivers took to the track in their mini go carts for a fun run.

With a simplified celebration schedule this year due to COVID-19, the 2020 Heritage Days event also featured two night of fireworks as well as a kids’ light parade.

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