Drought Affects Grazing Season


Manti-La Sal Forest Service Press Release

The Ferron District Range department has been working closely with permittees to bring animals home early on most cattle allotments. The sheep allotments are all higher elevation, so most of them have stayed the entire season. Many sheep operators have shipped their lambs to market, which lowers the overall number on their allotments by more than half and allows them to stay a few extra days.

The final McCadden Hollow Water Improvement Categorical Exclusion has been signed, which will allow the District to install 2,500 feet of pipe and install a new trough to better distribute cattle in two pastures of the Gentry Allotment.

Personnel will begin working on the Center Six Environmental Assessment with plans to get it signed this winter. They also plan to write an Environmental Assessment regarding the installation of three new sheep corrals and four water/snow collection structures on the north end of the district.

The North Zone range crews are working to reseed areas impacted by fire activities, including a road constructed for access to burned power poles on Mill Fork Ridge.

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