Duck, Goose and Swan Hunt Underway


Ginny Wood shows off the ducks she took during the youth only waterfowl hunt this year. Photo courtesy of DWR.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

The duck, goose and swan hunt began Oct. 4 and Canada goose numbers are the second highest in 10 years.

A mixed bag awaits Utah’s waterfowl hunters this fall.

  • The number of Canada geese produced in the state is the second highest in the past 10 years. Couple that with good production in Montana and western Canada, and this could be a banner year for Canada goose hunting in Utah.
  • Duck hunters can expect plenty of birds to migrate through the state. The number of ducks produced in Utah was down this spring, but production in Alaska, Montana and most of Alberta and British Columbia was up. The question is, how long will the ducks remain in Utah? The water level on Great Salt Lake is close to its lowest point on record. A smaller lake means ducks won’t have as many places to escape hunters when hunting pressure builds on the marshes.
  • With only one exception, marsh conditions are great on state waterfowl management areas across Utah.

Wetlands outside of the Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) and the refuge are much drier. Dry conditions on these seasonal marshes will force hunters into a smaller area. It will also reduce the places waterfowl can go to escape hunting pressure on the WMAs and the refuge.

To learn more about water conditions at the state WMAs, hunting tips and more, visit the DWR website at


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