DWR Equipment Changes


Nov. 18 is the last day to apply for a 2016 sportsman permit. If you draw the permit for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, you'll have plenty of days and plenty of places to find your trophy.

In summer 2015, more than 19,000 deer and elk hunters responded to a DWR survey. The survey asked the hunters what type of hunting equipment should and shouldn’t be allowed in Utah. You can see the results at www.wildlife.utah.gov/public_meetings/rac/2015-09_rac_packet.pdf. To find the results, scroll down to page 4 of the packet.

Based on the survey results, the DWR is recommending that the following be allowed in Utah in 2016:

·         Scopes on muzzleloaders during the muzzleloader season only. Currently, Utah law allows a 1X scope to be mounted on muzzleloaders. The new rule would allow you to place a scope of any magnification on a muzzleloader.

·         Range-finding devices attached to bows.

“Results from the survey showed that hunters supported these two changes,” Shannon says. “We don’t have any biological concerns with either change. If this is something hunters would like to see, we are comfortable proposing the changes.”

Two new bighorn sheep hunts

DWR biologists are also recommending two new bighorn sheep hunts. The new hunts would happen on the Pilot Mountains unit in northern Utah and the Wasatch Mountains, Avintaquin unit in northeastern Utah.

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