DWR Explains Fishing Regulations, Trends


Department of Wildlife Resources representatives hosted a fishing expedition to Ferron Reservoir designed to educate fishermen about how the organization helps stimulate fishing in the area.

DWR biologist Justin Hart explained that fishing in the fall would be better than in the summer because cooler temperatures allow fish to become more active and easier to catch. He also said clearer water helps fish see the bait better.

Hart explained that smaller, high elevation bodies of water would be stocked every two or three weeks with fish. Sterile Tiger Trout would be the first fish to go in, and then Rainbow Trout would be introduced every three weeks. Hart said sterilization makes the fish grow faster.

The fish limit on Ferron Reservoir was raised to 16 and will stay at that level until Sept. 22 when the reservoir will undergo treatment.

The DWR is currently draining the reservoir between 8-10 feet to make the treatment easier and cheaper. It will also make fishing easier.

The treatment is designed to remove Brook Trout and help establish the native Cutthroat Trout by July 2012 when the DWR plans to restock the reservoir.

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