DWR Southeastern Region Fishing Report


ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (November 26) Sergeant J. Shirley reports good fall fishing in San Juan County. Fishing is excellent at Foy Reservoir, and Monticello and Loyds lakes. All of the lakes in the county are still open. Try fishing with PowerBait or a silver Jakes.

BENCHES POND: (December 05) The pond is ice covered.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (December 05) Fishing has been steady for 8 to 12-inch rainbow trout. The ice is 8-10 inches thick. There are no reports on which end tackle is the most effective.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (December 05) Anglers report that the ice is two inches thick. The catch rate has been about two fat rainbow trout per hour.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (December 05) Ice has formed on the north end, but it is reported to be only two inches thick. Most of the lake remains open. There haven’t been any recent reports of fishing success.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (December 05) The reservoir is ice covered. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success or tackle recommendations.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (November 26) Ice and water conditions change on a daily basis. On Nov. 20, Todd Munford reported a 30 percent ice cover. The southeast and northwest sides had the most ice. There are no recent reports on fishing success.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (December 05) The reservoir opens to fishing on December 15.

MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR: (December 05) The reservoir is frozen, but there haven’t been any recent reports on ice thickness or fishing conditions.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (December 05) On December 2, Tom Ogden and Perry Bunderson fished from kick boats for five hours and caught one rainbow trout, one tiger trout and two cutthroat trout. One cutthroat was 20 inches and the rest were small. Tom used sizes 4-8 woolly buggers and leech patterns. Tom reported that the reservoir was mostly ice free. During the last week of November, two monster tiger trout were caught. One weighed almost 12 pounds. The other was 13 pounds. The 12-pounder was taken from a kick boat with a size 4 woolly bugger on fly fishing tackle. The 13-pounder was caught from shore, using a jig tipped with a dead minnow.

Scofield State Park will hold its annual ice fishing tournament on December 29. Register by calling 1-800-322-3700. The registration fee is $15. All funds go to prizes and future park improvements.


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