DWR Southeastern Region Fishing Report July 26


ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (July 26) Aquatics Biologist Calvin Black reported fair fishing at Recapture Reservoir for black bullheads using nightcrawlers.

ACADEMY MILL RESERVOIR: (July 13) Nightcrawlers and corn-flavored PowerBait have been effective. Tom Ogden fly-fished on July 7 and caught a 12-inch tiger trout. He also had a few other fish on the line. He used a size 8 beadhead woolly bugger and a beadhead soft-hackle fly.

BENCHES POND: (July 13) Try Panther Martin spinners and Jakes Spin-a-Lures for the best results.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (July 13) Try Panther Martin spinners and Jakes Spin-a-Lures for the best results

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (July 26) On July 23, one Carbon County angler reported catching four to five fish per hour, besides the trout that got away. The angler used nightcrawlers and a bit of PowerBait under a bobber and three feet of leader.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (July 26) Bait anglers report good fishing using nightcrawlers. On July 23, Tom Ogden fly fished with sinking line and a size 6 black, green and pearl soft hackle fly. He caught five rainbow trout in 2.5 hours ranging from 12 to 16 inches.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR: (July 13) Try dark-colored spoons with bright dots. This water has special regulations. You may not use bait, and you must return all cutthroat trout to the water unharmed. The limit is two fish.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (July 26) Aquatics Biologist Calvin Black fly fished on July 15 and reported fair fishing for tiger trout using a white rabbit’s hair streamer. For bait anglers, Calvin recommends floating a dead shiner or chub from a bobber. Other anglers report fair to slow fishing.

FERRON CREEK: (July 26) Anglers report good fishing for cutthroat trout in deeper pools using Blue Fox spinners.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (July 13) Lieutenant Carl Gramlich reported excellent fishing over the July 4 holiday. Most anglers have been using PowerBait and nightcrawlers.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR: (July 26) Anglers report fair fishing using PowerBait, worms and a fly and bubble.

GRASSY LAKE: (July 26) Anglers report fair fishing using PowerBait, worms or a fly and bubble.

HUNTINGTON CREEK: (July 26) Except the stretch from South Hughes Canyon to the Electric Lake dam, the U.S. Forest Service has closed access to Huntington Creek. You cannot park or camp below South Hughes Canyon for public safety reasons.

HUNTINGTON GAME FARM POND: (July 26) Anglers report slow fishing. The pond will be restocked in September.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (July 26) On July 16, State Park Manager Dan Richards reported slow fishing.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (July 26) On July 23, Tom Ogden reported fair fly fishing. Tom used fast sinking line and a green, size 8 bead head soft hackle fly and caught nine tiger trout, ranging from 12 to 15 inches, in two hours.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (July 26) On July 20, the daily bag limit for rainbow trout was increased from 4 fish to 8 fish. Drought conditions have resulted in low water levels that will likely result in the loss of stocked rainbow trout. The limits were increased to allow anglers to harvest rainbow trout that would otherwise be lost.

Anglers report slow fishing. Conservation Officer TJ Robertson provided the following reports:

Dark Canyon: Try fishing in the morning or evening with typical baits and lures.

Dons Lake: Fishing has been good with yellow or green PowerBait. Fly anglers report good fishing using dry flies or leech patterns.

Hidden Lake: Anglers report good fishing. Take along multiple colors of PowerBait and try them all. Gold Jakes lures have also been working well. Fly anglers have done well with leech patterns, a green streamer or a dry fly and a bubble.

Medicine Lake: Anglers report good fishing using small spinners or nightcrawlers.

Oowah Reservoir: Anglers report good fishing using small Jakes spinners and small Mepps. Try using green or red PowerBait.

Rattlesnake ponds: The water is extremely low, and we haven’t received any reports about fishing conditions.

Warner Lake: Anglers report good fishing using small Jakes and small Mepps. Try using green or red PowerBait.

LOWER FISH CREEK: (July 26) Anglers report good fishing.

PETES HOLE: (July 26) Fishing has slowed down, but you can still find success using nightcrawlers or PowerBait.

POTTERS PONDS: (July 26) Fly anglers report good fishing using elk hair caddis flies. Bait anglers haven’t done as well. Try using nightcrawlers and PowerBait.

RIGHT FORK OF HUNTINGTON CREEK: (July 26) The stretch below South Hughes Canyon has been closed for public safety.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (July 26) On July 21, State Park Manager Jonathan Hunt reported excellent fishing. One group of anglers said that they had caught and released 100 fish in two hours from their boat. All of the fish were in the slot limit. They had been fishing in 10 feet of water and casting a white jig. Boaters who were trolling recommended a Jake’s lure. Anglers report good fishing at both upper and lower Fish Creek.

On July 17, Tom Ogden fly fished from a kick boat on the east side. He caught 19 cutthroat trout, five rainbow trout, one tiger trout and a lot of chubs in 6.5 hours. His recommends trying fast sinking line and a black, green and pearl, size 4 wooly bugger.

This past week, three anglers reported catching 160 fish in six hours using white jigs tipped with chub meat. Almost all of the fish were within the slot limit. One weighed four pounds and measured 23 inches.

WILLOW LAKE: (July 13) Anglers have been catching fish on worms, PowerBait and lures. Fishing is best in the morning hours.

WRIGLEY SPRINGS RESERVOIR: (July 13) Fish are feeding on the surface. Try a dry fly and bubble or fly-fishing tackle.


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