DWR Southeastern Region Fishing Report



ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (May 25) Conservation Officer Dennis Shumway reports good fishing at San Juan county waters. He says that Blanding #3 and #4 have offered good fishing with PowerBait. Fishing success at Dry Wash is good, although fishing pressure has been very low. Foy Reservoir was just planted and fishing has been good. Lloyds Lake was recently stocked and good fishing is expected. Monticello Lake was recently planted and fishing is good. Recapture Reservoir offers good fishing for pike with jigs, lures, grubs and crankbaits.

ACADEMY MILL RESERVOIR: (May 25) This water is now accessible and trout fishing has been good.

BENCHES POND: (May 25) The pond is ice-free. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (May 25) The pond has thawed. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success.

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (May 25) Head Start fished the pond two weeks ago; the leaders reported good fishing. Kids were catching a fish every 10–15 minutes. They had the best success with nightcrawlers, fished just off the bottom. On May 22, anglers took out fairly large trout on a regular basis. These measured 16 or more inches.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (May 25) The reservoir is ice-free. Randall Stilson reported that a week earlier, John Turner of Castle Dale caught a 3.5-pound trout with a Gitzit.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR: (May 25) Randall Stilson reports good success for generally small-sized tiger trout a week ago. Almost any kind and color of lure was effective. This reservoir has special regulations. Please check the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (May 25) The lake is ice-free. Conservation officers report fast fishing on the north end of the lake.

FAIRVIEW LAKES: (May 25) Access may be muddy. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (May 25) Anglers should fish elsewhere. The reservoir was treated last fall and will be restocked in early July.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (May 25) Anglers have had good luck with nightcrawlers or chartreuse PowerBait with sparkles. Jakes are the most effective lures.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR: (May 25) The U.S. Forest Service gate is now open and the reservoir is accessible. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success, although good fishing is expected.

GRASSY LAKE: (May 25) Last weekend, Randall Stilson and his fishing party enjoyed good fishing success with baits and lures.

GREEN RIVER: (May 25) Walt Maldonado reports good fishing near the town of Green River for catfish ranging from 2-5 pounds. Walt recommended that anglers use chicken livers and shrimp. Walt also reports that a 4.5-pound walleye was caught on the Green River near the Crystal Geyser.

GREEN RIVER STATE PARK: (May 25) Walt Maldonado reports good fishing for rainbow trout in the pond by the golf course. Fishing has been especially good in the early morning with a Jakes lure. Later on, PowerBait has been popular.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (May 25) This reservoir was gill netted two weeks ago. Fisheries biologists were pleased to find that previous stockings of wiper fry and fingerlings had been successful. Appearing in the nets were some wipers, which measured 13 inches and weighed 1.25 pounds. State Park Manager Dan Richards reports fair fishing success for rainbow trout by trolling in 15–20 feet of water with spoons and minnow lures.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (May 25) This reservoir, also known as Mammoth, is now ice-free. Mike Keller reports good fishing for tiger trout with worms.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (May 25) Fisheries biologists gill netted the reservoir during the week. They found that some tiger muskies were as large as 34 inches and weighed as much as 11 pounds. All tiger muskies that were sampled were heavy and exhibited fast growth due to their chub-rich diet. Chubs, up to nine inches, were found in each of their stomachs. Tiger muskies are protected until they reach 40 inches. Aquatics Manager Justin Hart expects to have 40-inchers by next summer. Fisheries Biologist Dan Keller reminds those who may catch a tiger muskie that it’s important to remove the hook with pliers while the fish is in the water. This species readily succumbs to hooking mortality. If taken from the water, a fish should be supported with both hands and released into the water as soon as possible. During the gill netting survey, several large splake and tiger trout were also captured. One individual from each species weighed close to five pounds each.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (May 25) Hidden, Dons, Oowah, Warner and Rattlesnake ponds have all produced good fishing this spring.

LOWER GREEN RIVER: (May 25) Walt Maldonado reports good fishing for 2 to 5-pound catfish with shrimp or chicken liver.

MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR: (May 25) The reservoir is now accessible. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (May 25) On May 19, Tom Ogden and Perry Bunderson fly fished from 9 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. They caught a total of 26 trout. They consisted of one cutthroat, four splake and 21 rainbows. All trout ranged from 12–16 inches long. Both anglers used wooly buggers and soft hackle flies in black, red, blue and purple.

PETES HOLE: (May 25) This water is now accessible and fishing with flies has been excellent, said Conservation Officer Ben Stearns. On May 19, Mike Keller reported good fishing for tiger trout that ranged from 12–15 inches. The fish were caught with marshmallows and worms.

POTTERS PONDS: (May 25) The ponds are now accessible. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (May 25) On May 21, Tom Ogden fly fished from a kick boat during morning and afternoon hours. Using size 6 bead head olive leeches or black/red/blue bead head wooly buggers, he caught three tigers, two rainbows and 26 cutthroats. Tom’s biggest fish was an 18-inch cutthroat. Most of the fish were caught in 6–15 feet of water. On May 18, Conservation Officer Devin Christensen fished the reservoir and reported fair fishing for trout using minnows such as redside shiners and chubs. None of Devin’s fish exceeded 14 inches. A week ago, one state park employee caught a 28-inch tiger trout from the boat dock at the Mountain View unit. The tiger was caught with a chub. Another popular end tackle is a Kastmaster or PowerBait with sparkles.

SOUP BOWL: (May 25) The pond is now accessible. There haven’t been any recent reports on fishing success.

STRAIGHT CANYON CREEK: (May 25) Fishing has been good for 8 to 10-inch trout with both wet and dry flies.

WILLOW LAKE: (May 25) A week ago, one angler reportedly caught a 21-inch tiger trout from the shore with a worm.

WRIGLEY SPRINGS RESERVOIR: (May 25) Conservation Officer Ben Stearns reports that a lot of trout are feeding on the surface. Pressure has been very light. There are no recent reports on fishing success.




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