Eagle Air Med Gives Raffle Winners a Ride of a Lifetime


By Sara Price

When people see a medical helicopter it usually draws concern for the person being transported, but not this time. Eagle Air Med conducted a raffle at Melon Days for the chance to ride in the helicopter.

Valued around two million dollars, the helicopter provides quick response to Emery and Carbon counties, cutting wait times in the worst of emergencies. On Sept. 21, the helicopter lifted six lucky raffle winners into the sky.

Winners of the Melon Days drawing were Vicky Deacons, Mike Keaner, Armando, Ty Plenco, JJ Jaystrom, and Ashley Murray. The winners received a 15-minute flight over scenic Green River. Once back on the ground, the excited travelers described their experience as “amazing” and “the best thing ever.”

A second raffle was also conducted which provided two winners with a one-year membership to Eagle Air Med. This membership allows one free medical flight to the nearest hospital for one year. The two raffle winners were Shyler King and Bryce Ingram.

Eagle Air Med’s goal has been to not only integrate with the medical community, which happens naturally, but the larger community as well. By offering rides such as the Melon Days flights, Eagle Air Med hopes to connect with the very people they serve.

The helicopter staff is happy to work with medical teams around the county as well as Castleview Hospital workers. The Eagle Air Med crew describes the hospital staff as welcoming and straight forward. In their line of work, getting a “tell it like it is” attitude from the staff helps them do their job better.

Eagle Air Med hopes to continue working with the community and training with local businesses and mines that might need their services. They will be conducting a joint training with the staff at Hunter power plant on Sept. 27th and 28. This not only trains the power plant staff in what to do in case of an emergency, but also helps Eagle Air lock in the most convenient coordinates to use during an emergency. Such trainings are a win-win for emergency staff and businesses alike.

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