Eagle Scout Aims to Improve Price City Cemetery


Caleb Nelson from troop 281 approached Price City Council members on Wednesday to request support for his proposed Eagle Scout project.

The project aims to improve the cemetery and its accessibility to visitors. Nelson explained that currently, chains often block off entrances to the cemetery, thus making it not ADA accessible. Therefore, many with disabilities that use wheelchairs are not able to access the cemetery.

Nelson stated that he noticed the problem when he witnessed multiple people in wheelchairs trying to go under chains or around them with no success. He said that each person who wishes to visit the cemetery should have the option to do so, regardless of any disabilities.

The scout proposed that posts replace chains at cemetery entrances. Nelson suggested that posts would still stop traffic from entering the cemetery but still make the entrance ADA accessible.

Nelson has been working with Price City Public Works Director Gary Sonntag, who sees the project as feasible and a positive change for the community.

“It’s a doable project and will benefit the cemetery,” Sonntag commented.

Currently, Nelson has been working to obtain donations from various businesses to support the upgrade. If his efforts go according to plan, Nelson wishes to have his project completed before Christmas this year.

Price City Council members agreed to support the project and Nelson in his endeavor. Suggestions were also made about hosting a ribbon cutting when the project is complete.

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