East Carbon Announces Ordinance on Firework Restrictions


An ordinance has been put in place restricting the discharge of fireworks within East Carbon City. A proclamation was also issued pertaining to the discharge of fireworks.

It was stated that the East Carbon City Council determined that extremely dry and hot conditions within the city and surrounding county have created an extreme fire danger, which is likely to last well into the summer.

Governor Spencer Cox and the Utah Division of Forestry have both issued fire restriction orders and the city of East Carbon wishes to fully support them in their efforts to reduce the likelihood of fire.

With this in mind, it was ordained that a number of activities are strictly prohibited, effective immediately, upon all public and private property within city limits, including any city-owned lands and roads and upon all public lands and roads over which East Carbon has jurisdiction.

These activities include the discharge or use of any fireworks, tracer ammunitions, or other pyrotechnic devices until Dec. 31 or until further order of the East Carbon City Council.

Also prohibited is the setting, building, maintaining, attending or using open fires of any kind except campfires built within the facilities provided for them in improved campgrounds, picnic areas or permanently improved places of habitation.

Cutting, welding or grinding metal in areas of dry vegetation by persons other than employees of Carbon County until the end of the closed fire season as determined by the State Forester is also not allowed.

It was stated that any violation of this ordinance shall be a class B misdemeanor and will also be deemed to be an unauthorized burning. The ordinance was passed on June 15 and signed by East Carbon Mayor David Avery.

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