East Carbon approves Community Daze dance


After multiple city council meetings discussing the police department and some council member’s concerns about the annual Community Daze dance, a final decision was made.

The dance will again take place this summer with heightened security by police to ensure a safe event for the community.

Other matters addressed in the meeting included the approval of the budget for 2013-14, and approval of a business license for a resident to sell birdhouse boxes, and an update on the progress with the Community Daze parade.

Council members would also like to remind East Carbon residents that the Fourth of July holiday is rapidly approaching and that the same restrictions on fireworks apply as last year. Citizens should also be mindful of the dry times the city is facing.

“We need to watch every drop as close as we can because we do not know where we are going to be two weeks from now,” said Dave Maggio, who was acting as mayor pro tempore. “Every opportunity you have, please try to conserve water.”

The city may have to enforce water restrictions in the near future to conserve water.

Additionally, a working summer youth program will be starting Monday. Youth will work on city jobs Monday through Friday to enhance the community and keep them busy throughout the summer.

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