East Carbon City Council reviews consolidation plan


The East Carbon City Council received a complete consolidation plan from city attorney Jeremy Humes Tuesday night.

The plan includes the obligations, liabilities and assets of East Carbon and Sunnyside, as well as populations and boundaries. Although the plan does not outline how the joint cities will run daily operations once combined, it does include a plan for the new joint councils to make those decisions once the merger has been made.

Some changes East Carbon and Sunnyside residents can expect to see are not necessarily the loss of jobs and services, but the trimming of unnecessary expenses. For example, ridding the cities of duplicate expenses such as selling excess maintenance vehicles.

East Carbon City also received Sunnyside’s completed plan yesterday and will review it along with its own plan. The two cities will submit their plans to the county, who will then review them before the consolidation makes its way to the November ballot. Public hearings will be determined for discussion of the merger with the councils.

Also discussed in the meeting:

East Carbon stressed the need to restrict watering to nighttime hours in order to conserve water.

The cemetery continues to be updated. “You know, it’s a mess,” said Council Member David Avery. “But there has been a lot done with our contract with our contractor in the last week.” The project will improve the cemetery’s fencing, sprinkler system, asphalt, among other improvements.

The ABC Learning center is taking steps toward becoming the designated library of East Carbon.

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