East Carbon City Council Wants to Expedite Merge With Sunnyside


The East Carbon City Council met Tuesday and, once again, a potential merger between the city and Sunnyside was the main topic of conversation.

Both city councils met on April 1 to discuss the possible merge. East Carbon council members discussed the results of that meeting.

Although no official agreement was made, the East Carbon City council members are eager to move forward with the plan.

“We asked for them (Sunnyside) to expedite this,” said councilman Dave Maggio. “The longer we wait the harder it is to get this on the ballot.”

Paperwork must be submitted during the week of June 3-7 in order to appear on the November ballot.

Councilwoman Barbara Robinett was positive about the possible merge of the cities.

“If we stand together, we will succeed,” she said.

Robinett proposed a motion to request a meeting with Sunnyside, which would happen after its public meeting April 16.

Other notes from the meeting:

Mayor Orlando LaFontaine stressed the need for an ambulance service in East Carbon and Sunnyside, which could only be made affordable by the two cities combined.

Wendy Leonard and Jennifer Garcia are leading a volunteer group for city beautification. They plan to do curbside trash pick-up April 23-25. Robinett will oversee the project and its future activities.

Diane Hawkes requested a business license for medical billing and coding. Council members approved the license.

City Recorder Elizabeth Holt passed the test to become a certified notary. Council members are excited for the benefits she can provide East Carbon.

Sam Sanderson approached the council with a concern regarding an OHV ordinance that requires young ATV riders under the age of sixteen to be with licensed drivers over the age of eighteen. Council members informed Sanderson that there is nothing they could do to change state law.

Dale Andrews requested a donation from East Carbon for the rodeo this summer. Council members agreed to donate the same amount they have in previous years.



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