East Carbon City to Enforce Dog, OHV Ordinances


East Carbon City Councilmen discussed Tuesday the enforcement of newly found ordinances regarding dog ownership and off-highway vehicle usage within city limits.

East Carbon’s attorney found the ordinances, and Councilmen agreed they should go in the City’s books.

Dog owners would be limited to three dogs per household under the new ordinance.

The OHV ordinance would specify rules for using OHVs on city roads as well as penalties for breaking said rules.


  • Councilman David Avery was excused from the meeting as he mourned his mother’s passing. The meeting began with a moment of silence for Avery’s mother.
  • Councilmen voted to accept a bid of $23,900 from Hansen Roofing to fix city building roofs.
  • Councilmen initiated the process to take bids to replace worn out or missing stop and yield signs. East Carbon resident Liz Ferguson suggested the City workers also trim bushes and trees that might cover existing signs.
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