East Carbon Learning and Resource Center Hopes to Build New Outside Ramp


East Carbon resident Richard Lee approached Carbon County Commissioners at their meeting on Wednesday evening.

At the meeting, Lee requested a donation to the East Carbon Learning and Resource Center. At the center, he hopes to update some areas to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Coupled with needed repairs on the inside of the building, Lee is hoping to build a ramp at the front of the building to accommodate more people with wheelchairs and disabilities.

There is a ramp at the back of the building, but Lee stated it was in poor condition. He also said that they would also like to put a roof over the ramp to block out bad weather and make it safer. The center has already received a donation of $2,500 through the Walmart foundation.

The city of East Carbon wanted three bids for the materials that will be used for the repairs. Lowe’s came in with the lowest bid. What Lee is asking the commissioners for is $2,700 to cover remaining expenses. He also informed commissioners that the construction will be completed by volunteer help so they don’t have to hire a contractor, which would add to expenses.

Commissioner Jae Potter stated that he believes the center should be a city project and wants to follow up with it before any money decision is made. Commissioner Casey Hopes agreed, and with commissioner Jake Mellor absent for the meeting, the grant was put on hold until further information is provided.

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