East Carbon Man Apprehended in Child Sexual Assault Material Case


On April 1, East Carbon resident Joshua Simpson was apprehended by local law enforcement following a Cybertip that was received regarding messages exchanged on Instagram.

These messages were flagged as suspected child sexual assault material (CSAM) between 27-year-old Simpson and another individual. Following the Cybertip, a search warrant was submitted for subscriber content. This was granted, and upon reviewing the information that was exchanged between the two parties in the messages, it was allegedly clear that an arrest was warranted.

The messages were reported to contain both inappropriate photos involving children and messages pertaining to the content of the photos. It was stated that Simpson was very cooperative when questioned and the reporting officer remarked that each of the images qualify as sexually exploitative material.

Simpson was charged with four counts of the sexual exploitation of a minor, which are each second degree felonies. On the afternoon of April 7, Simpson had his initial appearance, where his case was continued. Simpson is still in custody and there will be a special setting hearing for his case on May 21 at 9 a.m.

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