East Carbon Police Department remains concerned about Community Daze Dance


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East Carbon Chief of Police Sam Leonard approached the council Tuesday to once again voice his concern for the Community Daze Dance.

Leonard wanted it to be known that he thinks the dance is a liability and is not a benefit to the community. Council members discussed the dance with mixed views on the matter. Council members decided to table the matter until the next meeting to leave time to gather opinions from East Carbon citizens.

Another important matter at the meeting was the concern of available water for East Carbon residents. Council members are concerned with the reservoir level, which is not expected to increase. Mayor Orlando LaFontaine said he wants to ration the power plant in Sunnyside before he rations the citizens of East Carbon. Council members agreed to look further into the matter.

Other notes from the meeting:

Council members expressed the need to make clear plans with Sunnyside with the consolidation of the two cities.

The cemetery is still undergoing planning to move forward with updates.

The Community Impact Board Project was approved.

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