East Carbon Resident Calls Out for Change Following Harrowing Situation


The East Carbon City Council was visited by resident Deana Floyd during its Tuesday evening meeting to discuss a harrowing situation that had recently occurred within city limits. Floyd came prepared with information and photos to urge the council for change regarding animals in the city and resident responsibilities.

Floyd was the proud of owner of her rescue dog, Duke, who had been abused in the beginning of his life. On Dec. 9, Floyd was getting ready for work and had chained Duke up in her front yard before she had to leave. She stated that there were two aggressive dogs at large and she heard a cry. Upon inspection, she found the dogs attacking her own. She attempted to retaliate to no avail. Two neighbors also stepped up in to attempt to stop the attack. It took three women to get the dogs to cease.

Tearfully, Floyd informed the council that Duke passed away as a result of the brutal attack. She also stated that she had obtained information on the dogs attacking before, even receiving another report on it. More than anything, Floyd insisted, she visited to request that the council address the animal ordinance. Floyd also remarked that she feels the laws regarding issues such as that one should be updated and pet owners to be held responsible.

City attorney Jeremy Humes did inform the council, Floyd and the listening crowd that the case had been referred to the courts and was being processed. With respect to that specific case, there was not much that the council could do to assist. Understanding that, Floyd insisted that residents are very neglectful with their animals roaming free and wished for the laws to become sterner.

“As owners, we need to be more responsible. I’m not seeing any responsibility,” Floyd stated.

It was reported that due to the dogs not being picked up from the animal shelter by their owners, they were euthanized. Attorney Humes also expressed that the ordinance had recently changed, stating that while a case was being examined, animals in question must remain at the shelter until a verdict is reached.

The council sympathized with Floyd, agreeing that the situation was dire and that they would be happy to look over the ordinance for needed updates and revisions.

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