East Carbon Resident Honored at Utah Philanthropy Day


Nancy Nix, Frank Nix and Sheri Harrell

Press Release

Frank Nix, resident of East Carbon, was an honoree at the Utah Philanthropy Day on Nov. 13. Nix was the recipient of the Heart and Hands award and has volunteered over 400 hours a year for the patients in the Carbon and Emery area as a Reiki Master for Community Nursing Services (CNS).

The Heart and Hands award is a statewide award and many distinguished non-profit organizations were nominated this year. Nix shares this award with individuals representing the Utah AIDS foundation, the Humane Society of Utah, Boys and Girls Club chapters in the Salt Lake City area, and the Girl Scouts of America, just to name a few. Nix and his wife Nancy were invited to attend a luncheon at the Little America in Salt Lake City to receive his award. Sheri Harrell, CNS Director of Volunteer Services, nominated Nix for the award.

“Frank is a gentle giant with the gift of healing the spirit of those who are dying,” Sheri Harrell explained. ” Frank studied Reiki and became a Master Practitioner. Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy therapy, that is being used today in many traditional health care settings. The goal of the healing practice is to harness the Universal Life force (energy) in the body. Keeping the energy balanced and moving is the goal. Many patients have no knowledge of this therapy but agree to try and are very pleased with how it makes them feel.”

Harrell went on to explain that Nix has given Reiki to many hospice patients and although the patients eventually pass away, Reiki helps during the declining process by creating relaxation, peace and pain relief. Nix uses essential oils and soft music with each Reiki session.

“Frank sees patients in their homes, assisted living centers or nursing homes and drives many miles each month,” Harrell said. “Frank shared Reiki with one gentleman for over two years. The patient was comatose the last months of his life, but  Frank still provided Reiki to him. Frank goes to the dying when many others shy away. Frank donates all his time and expertise to our hospice patients. Frank is a jolly happy man full of love and acceptance.”

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