East Carbon, Sunnyside Baseball Park Needs Your Help


The East Carbon Power Plant and ECDC recently graded the Sunnyside Baseball Park. However, in doing so, a large amount of rock was dug up and is now covering the field.

Donald McCarty, city employee, put out a call for help for anyone that is willing to assist to cleanup the field for upcoming games. Also needed is baseball dirt, which costs nearly $400 a truck load. Sand was already ordered from Howa’s, meaning that volunteers will be needed to mix the sand in with the dirt that is already at the field.

The baseball mound and space between first and second bases as well as second and third bases is what needs the most care with the dirt and sand. The money or means to obtain the dirt, mix and place is prudent before Monday, May 6.

Those that wish to volunteer to assist with the sand, rock removal and dragging the field in order to level it are encouraged to go to the Sunnyside Baseball Park at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1. Volunteers are welcome to arrive and begin removal of rocks anytime.

The sand is slated to be delivered behind the old restrooms, meaning wheelbarrows and shovels will be needed to haul the sand to the field.

McCarty will be attending a fire training on Friday and Saturday, but insisted he does not need to be at the field for volunteers to work. All that wish to work on the projects are welcome. McCarty can also be reached at (435) 650-7175.

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