East Ridge Road Community Reinvestment Project Area Approved


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The Carbon County Commissioners have hosted dual public meetings regarding the proposed East Ridge Road Community Reinvestment Project Area. The first public meeting took place during the regular commission meeting on Sept. 15.

The first hearing was kicked off by the commissioners adjourning as the commission and convening as the Carbon County Redevelopment Agency (RDA). From there, Carbon County Economic Development and Tourism Director Rita Vigor explained that the proposed project area was listed on a notice that was distributed to property owners with a request for public comment.

A call was received from one of the property owners listed on the map and in the plan, who stated that there was an error in the properties listed. The caller wished to let them know that the parcel needed to be changed.

It was then explained that the project area would allow the county to approach other taxing entities and create an interlocal agreement to capture part of any new increment or value to any of the properties. This will not increase property taxes, but will allow any new increments to be captured to save for upgrades for infrastructure or new developments.

There were a couple of individuals that spoke during the first public hearing, reaching out to receive clarification on questions posed regarding the process of the project.

The second public hearing took place during a special meeting that was hosted on Sept. 20. Vigor stated that, since the first public hearing, she had not received any other calls or emails regarding the project area.

During the second hearing, it was clarified that this project area would stimulate the economy and provide for the installation of structure as needed for development within the project. The goal as a commission is to create an area where businesses may come while having the ability to offer incentives as a way of helping them locate in Carbon County rather than another community.

The resolution for the project area was approved as the RDA, while the ordinance was approved as the commissioners. It was stressed that passing the ordinance and resolution does not guarantee incentive, but creates the opportunity for said incentive.

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