Eastern Utah Women’s Health Clinic Seeks to Enhance Women’s Lives Close to Home

Nurse Practioner Danielle Howa Pendergrass returned to Carbon County to provide healthcare for women of all ages.

Eastern Utah Women’s Health Clinic opened in November in Price to provide healthcare for women living in Carbon, Emery, and Grand Counties. The clinic seeks to improve women’s health in all aspects of life by offering a personal doctor-patient relationship. The clinic is currently operated by Pendergrass.

Pendergrass was born and raised in Carbon County. She completed her associate’s degree in nursing at the College of Eastern Utah, bachelor’s degree in nursing science at Weber State University, and her master’s degree specializing in women’s healthcare at the University of Utah. Pendergrass is currently back in school to earn her doctorate degree in nursing practice through the University of Utah. She is also teaching family nursing classes at Utah State University College of Eastern Utah.

Pendergrass is excited to be in the area to offer specialized women’s healthcare. Her passion for women’s health encourages her to “sit down and get to know people.”

Pedergrass offers a one-on-one approach that allows her to assist in making plans for achieving women’s goals in all aspects of health and wellness. Pendergrass enjoys helping women in all areas of their lives including diet, exercise, and time management. Eastern Utah Women’s Health Clinic provides primary healthcare services to women of all ages and women with a wide range of incomes.

The clinic accepts most insurances and offers Title 10 funding as well as many other state and federally funded programs. Some of the many services provided include planned parenthood, Pap smears, vaccines, and mammograms.

Pendergrass hopes to focus wholly on the women in the area. For a one-on-one, 45-60 minute appointment, call the clinic at 435-637-0310. The clinic is located at 894 E 100 S. The office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday.

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