EC Lands Council Recommends Proceeding With Legislation

Land Council Chairman Bruce Wilson and Public Lands Director Ray Peterson gave recommendations Tuesday that led to Emery County Commissioners to vote to proceed with land use legislation.

The legislation concerns a project the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance started two-and-a-half years ago. SUWA is attempting to create wilderness and monument designations in Emery County.

“There will be wilderness in Emery County, or worse, restricted designations,” Peterson said. “This was taken with the idea of maintaining some control.”

Peterson said any changes would not effect grazing or recourse use, and it would not close any roads or trails. However, it would protect some resources like oil, gas, and mining opportunities.

“What ever you’ve been able to do in the past, you will be able to do under this plan,” Peterson said. “The lands council made a promise to the public. When we have something to present to The Commission, we will bring it back to you and let you know.”

Public meetings to discuss the potential changes will be June 22 at Huntington Elementary, June 23 in the Ferron Multi Purpose Building, June 29 at the John Wesley Powell Museum, and June 30 at the old courthouse in Castle Dale.

Organizers have created a new page on the Emery County website where residents are encouraged to read about the process.

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