EC Public Lands Continues with Lands Bill


Utah State Sen. David Hinkins visited the Emery County Public Lands meeting Tuesday to discuss current issues including the ongoing Public Lands Bill.

Hinkins expressed concern about potentially giving State property to the Federal Government, which could ultimately lead to a loss of State and local access.

Public Lands Board of Directors members assured all in attendance that the two-and-a-half year bill process included looking at as many alternatives as possible. Directors also said they hoped the bill would be passed before the 2012 Presidential Election.

Directors agreed to meet with Hinkins to specifically address his concerns.


  • Manti-LaSalal National Forest representatives said many woodcutters had been out lately, and they wanted to remind people woodcutting permits would only be available until the end of November.
  • Christmas tree permits would be made available Nov. 21.
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