EC Public Lands Wraps Up Open House Quartet


The Emery County Public Lands Council recently finished conducting a series of four open houses that were designed to inform the public on possible policy changes.

Green River, Huntington, Ferron and Castle Dale cities all hosted meetings. The Council was pleased with the feedback the public provided.

Director of Paleontology at the Prehistoric Museum Ken Carpenter said, “I’m less concerned than I was before I came tonight; I was afraid that they would be closing off a lot of roads, but I’ve learned they are not going to be closing them off.”

Public Lands Director Ray Petersen noted that other bills would have designated huge areas in Emery County as wilderness, and the new proposal will severely shrink the proposed wilderness area.

Petersen said, “It’s wonderful; it’s a great product.”

Petersen also said he hoped the open houses would provide a sense of finality regarding the wilderness issue.

The Council would greatly appreciate any further public comments, and will accept feedback until August 1, 2011.

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