ECDC Environmental Landfill Welcomes All With Open House


The ECDC Environmental Landfill hosted its annual open house on Wednesday afternoon, welcoming all that wished to peruse the business.

ECDC is an industrial waste disposal facility with over 300 million cubic yard of permitted capacity within the 3,100 acres of private land.

“ECDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Service Inc., the second largest waste disposal company in the nation,” the business shares. “This relationship provides ECDC with the substantial financial and engineering resources to take on large volume projects, as well as technical support from Republic’s extensive environmental organization.”

The landfill is divided into multiple cells, each with a minimum capacity of approximately three million cubic yards and a maximum of 30 million cubic yards. Every cell is lined with 5.5 feet of materials to create an impervious barrier. Ten miles of private railroad track connects the ECDC to Union Pacific railroads to provide efficient, high-volume processing of waste material from projects that require a rapid turnaround.

“ECDC Environmental LC’s initial vision has developed into America’s premier rail-served waste disposal facility, providing long term ‘green’ secure solution for its customers,” the business shares. “ECDC is now one of the most effective ways for waste generators to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. Rail transportation of waste and its management by ECDC Environmental clearly demonstrates to all agencies that the most environmentally efficient method of waste transportation and disposal has been selected.”

The open house was hosted from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., giving ample opportunity for individuals to attend and learn more about ECDC. While there, after enjoying a classic meal, tours of the facility were provided and questions were answered by the helpful staff of the landfill.

The ECDC Environmental Landfill is located at 1111 West, UT-123 in East Carbon.

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