ECPTA Conducts Annual Piano Festival


The Emery Carbon Piano Teachers Association (ECPTA) conducted its annual festival on March 8 at USU Eastern. This year, 90 pianists in grades 1-12 participated in the event. Teachers Annie Scow, Brenda Lemon, Karen Dellos, Tammy Payne, Rebecca Taylor, Lisa Potter and Elise Tuttle also participated in the festival.

Awards were given for outstanding performance, technique and sightreading.

Morning session winners include:

Outstanding Performance (grades 1-3) – Aubrie Sharp

Runners-up – Kinlie Payne and BreElle Parkins

Outstanding Performance (grades 4-6) – Kaylie Sharp

Runners-up – Corinne Hanson, Abigail Johansen and Nya Parkins

Outstanding Performance (grades 7-8) – Bridger Ivy and Adrianna Taylor

Runner-up – Britlie Sharp

Honorable Mention – Rebecca Carroll

Outstanding Performance (grades 9-12) – Vivian Baker

Runners-up – Vanessa Snow, Zachery Fauver, Shem Guymon and Adam Bone

Technique  Awards – Erin Stromness, Spencer Holyoak and Britlie Sharp

Honorable Mention – Abigail Johansen, Aubrie Sharp, Rebecca Carroll, Vivian Baker, Kaylie Sharp, Vanessa Snow, William Laursen and Shannon Baker

Sightreading Awards – Kelsy Hulse and Bridger Ivy

Honorable Mention – Vanessa Snow, Lauren Bone, Shem Guymon and Riggs Griffin

Afternoon session winners include:

Outstanding Performance (grades 1-3) – Angelina Tanner

Runners-up – Linnea Nelson and Lizzy Blackburn

Honorable Mention – Breelynn Bennett and Tara Lacock

Outstanding Performance (grades 4-6) – Tyler Eden

Runners-up – Kohler Tanner and Danielle Ori

Outstanding Performance (grades 7-8) – Stetler Tanner

Runners-up – Elley Cowdell, Samantha Roberts and Tyler Lacock

Outstanding Performance (grades 9-12) – Tina Lacock

Runners-up – TJ Lacock and Caroline Gardner

Technique Awards – Angelina Tanner, Caroline Gardner, Linnea Nelson, Stetler Tanner and TJ Lacock

Honorable Mention – Adam Morley, Derek Stead, Danielle Ori, Allison Thomas, Dylan Stead, Kohler Tanner, Lizzy Blackburn, Samantha Roberts, Tyler Lacock and Elley Cowdell

Sightreading Awards – Danielle Ori and Taylor Lindsey

Honorable Mention – Maggie Lindsey, Maryn Allred, Breelynn Bennett and Kelsy Thomas

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